Census/Tax Lists


Ulster County today: Denning, Esopus, Gardiner, Hardenburgh, Hurley, Kingston, Lloyd, Marbletown, Marlboro, New Paltz, Olive, Plattekill, Rochester, Rosendale, Saugerties, Shandaken, Shawangunk, Ulster, Wallkill, Wawarsing, and Woodstock.

The following towns were once part of Ulster County: Lumberland (before 1798), Mamakating (before 1809), Middletown (before 1798), Montgomery (before 1798), Neversick (before 1809), Newburgh (before 1788), New Windsor (before 1788), and Windham (before 1800).

**Please note numbers may vary according to the addition skills of the census taker**

Ulster County Tax List Information

Tax records were collected from 1709/10 and 1710. There was only one list created for the entire county.

Esopus Census/Tax List Information

Esopus was formed in 1811 out of a portion of Kingston. In 1818, a portion of Esopus was granted to Kingston, and a portion of Hurley was added to Esopus. In 1842, a part of New Paltz was added to Esopus.

Hurley Census/Tax List Information

Hurley, once known as Niew Dorp, was officially patented in 1708. A portion of the Hardenbergh Patent was added to the town in 1789. Parts of Hurley have been sectioned off to add to the neighboring towns of New Paltz (1809), Esopus (1818), Olive (1823), Rosendale (1844), and Woodstock (1853).

Lloyd/Highland Tax List Information

On April 15, 1845 the town of Lloyd was formed from the town of New Paltz following an act of the New York State Legislature.

Kingston Census/Tax List Information

Kingston was first incorporated under its present name in 1667. It was organized as a town in 1702, and, in 1811, the towns of Esopus and Saugerties carved out of the original organization of Kingston. A parcel of land was further sectioned off of the town of Kingston in 1879, creating the town of Ulster.

Lumberland Census Information

Lumberland was formed in 1798 from the town of Mamakating. The town was partitioned in 1853 into three parts: Lumberland, Highland and Tusten. It is now located in Sullivan County.

Mamakating Census Information

Mamakating is a town presently in the Southeastern section of Sullivan County, it was organized in 1743.

Marbletown Census/Tax List Information

Marbletown was first patented in 1708, and organized as a town in 1788. Portions of Marbletown have since been ceded to add territory to neighboring towns, as happened in 1823 with the town of Olive, and in 1844, with the town of Rosendale.

Marlborough/New Marlborough Census/Tax List Information

Marlborough was formed out of a precinct of Newburgh in 1788. Plattekill was formed from a section of Marlborough in 1800.

Middletown Census Information

The boundary lines between Orange and Ulster Counties were changed in 1798 to its present location. Middletown then became part of Orange County.

Montgomery Census Information

Montgomery was part of Ulster County until 1798, when it was incorporated into Orange County.

Neversink Census Information

The town of Neversink was formed from the town of Rochester in 1798. In 1809 the county of Sullivan was split off from parts of Ulster County. Rockland and Fallsburg were also created from parts of Neversink in 1809 and 1826.

New Paltz Census/Tax List Information

First patented in 1677, the town of New Paltz annexed a portion of the town of Hurley into its bounds in 1809. The town of Lloyd was wholly created from a portion of New Paltz in 1845. Sections of New Paltz have also been carved off to add to neighboring towns, as was the case in 1842 with respect to Esopus, in 1844 with Rosendale, and in 1853, with the town of Gardiner.

New Windsor Census Information

Around 1709, the portion of the town nearest the Hudson River was organized under the Precinct of Highlands, and remained until 1743. In 1762, separate precincts were created for the town of New Windsor and Newburgh. New Windsor was part of Ulster County until 1798, when it was incorporated in to Orange County.

Newburgh Census Information

Newburgh was part of Ulster County until 1788, when it was incorporated into Orange County.

Olive Census Information

Formed in 1823, the town of Olive lost a part of its lands to Woodstock, while annexing a different part of that town, in 1853.

Plattekill Census/Tax List Information

Plattekill was established in the year 1800. In 1846, a portion of Shawangunk was added to Plattekill, before being returned to Shawangunk in 1848.

Rochester Census/Tax List Information

The town of Rochester was patented in 1703, and established as a town in 1788. In 1789, portions of the town were given over to create the township of Middletown (now in Delaware County) and Neversink (now in Sullivan County). The town of Wawarsing was formed out of Rochester in 1806, and a further reduction of the town occurred in 1853, as territory was ceded to the town of Gardiner.

Saugerties Census/Tax List Information

Formed in 1811, Saugerties annexed a portion of Kingston in 1832.

Shandaken Census/Tax List Information

Formed in 1801, the town of Shandaken annexed land from nearby Neversink in 1809. Sections of Shandaken were granted to the towns of Olive (1823), Henning (1849), and Hardenbergh (1859).

Shawangunk Census Information

Shawangunk was formed as a town in 1788. A portion of the town was sectioned off and added to Gardiner in 1853. In 1846, a portion of the town was added to Plattekill, but this parcel was reincorporated into Shawangunk in 1848.

Wallkill Census Information

Parts of Wallkill are currently located in Ulster and Orange County.

Wawarsing Census/Tax List Information

The town of Wawarsing was formed in 1806 out of a portion of the town of Rochester.

Woodstock Census/Tax List Information

Woodstock was formed in 1787. In 1789, portions of Woodstock were carved out and granted to the towns of Middletown and Windham, and, in 1804, a portion was granted to Shandaken. A portion of the town would be added to the town of Olive in 1853, while a different portion of that town would be added to Woodstock the same year, along with a section of Hurley.

Above information found in Nathaniel Bartlett’s, Sylvester’s History of Ulster County, New York